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The 5 Best Bar Days of the Year

We are incredibly lucky to have bars and let’s never forget that. They are the lifeblood of major cities, small towns, and every where in between. However, some days at bars are just more enjoyable than others. We are here to provide a DEFINITIVE list of the best bar days & nights of the year. Just trust us on this one. We will even tell you what to drink. Print this list and keep it in your daily planner for 2022 so you don’t miss out on the fun.

1. March Madness – First Friday. Skip work. Take some PTO. Fake sick. At the very least take a half day. Live a little. If your boss gives you problems, you simply quit. You can bank on winning your bracket challenge in which you can live off that money for the foreseeable future. This day is about eating terrible bar food, drinking (responsibly), ripping your bracket, losing all your bets, not hitting a block, and sitting in front of multiple screens from noon to midnight while watching madness unfold.

a. What you’re drinking: Kenwood Original. All day. While mixing in plenty of waters.

2. Christmas Night – Everyone loves Christmas, but what about Christmas Night? You are sick of your family and have extra holiday cash, and you have been drinking for the last few days anyway. After dinner get to your local watering hole and tip the staff handsomely. Maybe you will get lucky, and the jukebox will be playing strictly holiday music. We have very few days of the year where the entire bar is in a cheerful mood. Take full advantage.

a. What you’re drinking: Maybe some Red Wine? An Old Fashioned? Blackberry Brandy never hurt, or maybe Rumple Minze? We have no rules during Christmas season, why start here?

3. June weekends at the shore/lake/beach – The weekends between the holidays and before vacations are the best times to be at the bar for a beach town. Bars are not terribly crowded, but there are plenty of people to still have an enjoyable time. Showering is optionable. Shoes are too.

a. What you’re drinking: Anything that is in slushie form, or any light beer that can get down the hatch before it gets warm.

4. New Year’s Day- Yes, living in Philadelphia we are biased. But, after the mess that is New Year's Eve, it is nice to get up early on New Year’s Day, and get to a bar to ring in the new year right after the parade…..and to be asleep by 8pm that night.

a. What you’re drinking : Mimosas, Bloodies or Irish Coffees to start. Move through the day with beer, all while toasting to the new year with terrible tasting shots.

5. First college football Saturday- The most questionable on the list with out a doubt. But it is the end of summer, school is back in session yet very unserious, and vacations are over. Alabama is not dominating everyone just yet. Betting season is officially back, and you are ready to be hurt by your favorite team yet again.

a. What you’re drinking : Kennys. All day. Come night fall switch to a Gin and Tonic or Tito’s and Tonic.

In reality, we are happy with any bar day that provides bar owners with income and allows us to continue to sell beer. But these are just the cream of the crop, days that you cannot afford to miss.

What days did we leave out?

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