<--So, let's start with this guy, who is he?

We're not sure, but he came with the website and we like him.

We don't come from a history of brewers, as a matter of fact we are not even brewers, we let the professionals do that.

But, what we are  is a group of gentlemen who really enjoy beer. More specifically, we are a group of gentlemen who enjoy a beer that you can have more than a few of  per sitting, and similar to a lot of you reading this we have a lot of friends who enjoy the same.

So, what we decided to do is brew a beer to be enjoyed by the masses, and one that can be shared with friends. We decided to brew Philadelphia's Light Beer.

We are not your typical craft brewery. We don't have quirky beer names,or hazy IPAs. But, what we do have is a really good light beer with a great price and a hell of a team behind it.

The team comes from a variety of backgrounds associated with the service industry or beer industry in one way or another. 

Lots of years of selling beer for some of the biggest brands in the world help us to compete with any other brand out there. 

(Buying a bunch of beer for people helps too). 

We can't promise you a good night with Kenny, but it will give it its best shot. 

Grab a Kenny, and we'll grab one for you when we see you. 



Grab a Kenny

Philadelphia's Light Beer