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Beer Golf Rules


Beer Golf is a game designed to enhance the enjoyment of beer by incorporating golf scoring terms with the amount of beer drank. The objective of the game is to drink a determined amount of beer in the fewest number of “strokes”. The real objective is to give each beer substantial meaning while allowing golfers and drinking game fans to fulfill their competitive nature.


Each hole the golfer will “shoot” to the birdie hole. This means the golfer will take one uninterrupted sip, aiming for the remaining beer to land in specified birdie hole. The golfer will wait until the foam settles and determine where the line rests. If the rested beer line falls within the birdie hole the golfer scores -1. If the beer line rests above the birdie hole it is a bogie which scores +1. If the golfer drinks too much and the line rests below the hole, a par is awarded which does not affect the score.


If the golfer lands their shot within the birdie hole and flush with the specified eagle line, they take their second shot to the eagle hole further down the bottle. If the golfer succeeds the eagle attempt, -2 is the score awarded. If the golfer fails to successfully “hole-out” their eagle shot, they have still achieved a birdie (-1).


Advanced Rules:

  • Double Bogie

    • If a golfer Bogies on their first shot, they may elect to either keep the Bogie (+1) or attempt to take a second shot to the Eagle Hole. If the beer line rests in the Eagle Hole after the second shot, par is awarded. If the player fails to Par, a Double Bogie is awarded (+2).

  • Hole In One:

    • If a player attempts to drink down to the Hole-In-One Hole on their first shot the beer line must rest in the Hole-in-One Hole to yield a score of -3. If the player fails to make the Hole in One, it is scored a Par.

Remember to enjoy responsibly

We do not encourage Beer Golf to increase your pace of drinking, rather to test your drinking skills. 

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